The President and the Members of Spilia-Kourdali Community Council -of the Nicosia District -that have been elected in the Municipal elections of the 18th of December 2016, in accordance with the “On Communities” Law, N.86(I)/199, are the following:
Spilia Kourdali
Full Name: Miltiades Ierides (President) Sotiris Eliades (President)
Τelephone: 99384066 99651764
Full Name: Christos Erodotou (Vice-President) Renos Naziris (Vice-President)
Τelephone: 99452985 99677459
The members of the Community Council are:
Full Name: Marios Eliades Tasos Papademetriou
Τelephone: 99405365 99511660
Full Name: Αndreas Eliades Ioannis Pittas
Τelephone: 99510193 99800269
Full Name: Andreas Theodotou Panayiotis Tsouderos
Τelephone: 99417012 99496972
The personnel of the Community Council is :
Full Name: Skevi Aristeidou (Secretary)
Τelephone: 99122625