The Monument is a complex of the four statues of the E.O.K.A fighters, who were killed at Kourdali on the 20th of June 1958, while they were being trained on the use of a mine. These fighters are Andreas Patsalides from Kannavia, who was married at Kourdali, Costas Anaxagora from Spilia, Panayiotis Georgiades from Leivadia Pitsilias and Alecos Constandinou from Kakopetria, who lived in Varosi.

The Monument is situated in the centre of the community of Spilia, at a gorgeous landscape which was reformed and beautified with unique taste. Possibly, this monument is the most beautiful one that any village has in the whole of Cyprus.

A Committee formed by the organised groups of the community of Spilia-Kourdali worked for the creation of the monument in 1987. The statues were sculptured by the sculptor Leonidas Spanos from Dali. Looking towards the statues, on the right side is Costas Anaxagora who is pointing towards his house, next to him is Alecos Constandinou who is holding the mine, down below is the leader of the guerrilla team Panayiotis Georgiades who is holding an automatic weapon and on his right is Andreas Patsalides who is pointing towards Kourdali.

The monument was constructed in a space bought by the community’s Association of Expatriates. The ownership of the space has been transferred to the Spilia Community Council.

The Committee completed its work in 1993. The inaugurations of the Monument were performed by the Minister of Interior at the time Mr. Christodoulos Veniamin and the Metropolitan Bishop of Morphou Mr. Chrysanthos Sariyiannis.

From 1958 up until today, the memorial of these heroes is organised by the Athletic Club of the community named “ARIS” and it is the biggest national holiday of Spilia-Kourdali. The ceremony ends with an artistic program at the Monument site.